Our Personal Training Brand

If your office is within 10kms of the Brisbane CBD, we could be the perfect fitness partner for your business. We bring experience in group fitness training for small teams of up to fifteen people in a variety of classes for all fitness levels. The girl in the office who runs every morning is going to get just as much from our classes as the intern who has no idea what a pushup is.

Five questions to ask before confirming our corporate, personal training classes are for your Business

Could your company culture be improved with more energetic employees?

A healthier team always has more energy both at work and in their lives. Resulting in happier people. It won’t take long before everyone who takes part in our programs will have more energy to get more done.

Is your office as healthy as it could be all year round?

The healthier you are, the better you can fight off diseases that can result in downtime in the form of leave or a less productive workforce. No one likes getting the flu.

Do you want to encourage competition in a positive level manner?

The great thing about our fitness classes is you are competing with yourself. If we are going to be working with you for a long time, we will regularly take measurements, so everyone knows how they are progressing. The satisfaction someone gets for hitting a PB can be celebrated by the whole team and create a desire for someone to also beat their previous Personal Best.

Could you be doing more to ensure your team knows everyone in your business?

If you have worked in an office, you will know how hard it is to get know people in other areas of the company, unless you are a very small operation. We hope we are not alone in thinking that the more interpersonal roots someone has at work, the happier they are and therefore the longer they might stay. Our corporate, personal training classes create a great regular way for your office to get together.