Ideas Change Things


Ideas Change Things

Our Mission (Our why):

Build scalable businesses that lead to change in the world. Start local with the goal to go global.

Our Values:

  1. Own our failures, learn and move forward quickly.

  2. Change is good, and we evolve quickly to stay relevant.

  3. Do the right thing and never get involved in a project we would not be proud to tell our kids.

  4. Validate every idea and deliver!

Who are we:

We are nerds at heart and love technology. Our little company brings experience in marketing, e-commerce and Sales. Head office is in Brisbane Australia, and we do have a handful of our development and design team located abroad. We work hard play hard.

Current Projects:

  1. LitePages Icon LitePages is in the MVP stage. The website is live, and sales have been made. By the end of the year, the business hopes to add 4 BDM’s to the team.

  2. BackUrSelf is in the idea validation and business model phase. MVP is due by the end of 2019. Will be made possible with resources from LitePages and Bare Ideas.

  3. Dreamflex Digital a new digital agency working hard to grow businesses through data driven story telling. Taking a growth hacking mantality they build out always on campaigns for long term growth.

  4. New Phone Clothes site has been removed and returning to idea validation. Expect updates Q1 2019. We are actively seeking partners with experience in dropshipping and working with Amazon fulfilment centres.

  5. DeskIt is the name of the code base used across our sites. Presently it isn’t publicly avalible, we plan to commercialise this for Dreamflex clients.

  6. Ben Rogers Consulting Icon Ben Rogers Consulting this is the preimiumn consulting brand of our founder when you sign with Ben you get top quality digital business, marketing and ecommerce strategy.

  7. Corporate PT2U Icon Corporate PT2U A network of personal trainers across the country that specialise in in fitness classes that come to your business. Great for all levels and groups from two to twenty*