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Current Projects

Current projects

Our family grown brands share a common goal. Help businesses get back to what they do by removing time-wasting obstacles and distraction. Dreamflex is a digital marketing and management agency ready to kick goals for your business. Corporate PT2U is a network of personal trainers who specialise in group classes to improve workplace culture and your team’s health. DeskIt is the name of our technology.


Full picture digital consulting that is affordable, accountable and accessible for every business. We do digital different, to ensure you reach your digital marketing and digital management goals.

LitePages Icon LitePages

In 1983 Microsoft released their first version if MS word begining a journey that made document processing avalible to business of all sizes no longer just the big guys. In 1990 they would release the first version of MS office meaning little guys were know empowered to create presenations with MS powerpoint previously something only a big company could afford to do. LitePages is doing the same thing in 2019 bringing big data and automation to the little guy.


Maintaining technology is code is time consuming to cut this down we use the same code base across our technology called DeskIt. While not currently avalible for the public DeskIt is planned to be used for DreamFlex’s clients in the near future

Corporate PT2U Icon Corporate PT2U

Corporate Wellness programs to kick-start your team’s productivity and at the same time grow workplace culture. The organisation that trains together performs as a team. Take your squad to the next level with group personal training that comes to you. Stopping making excuses, get in shape with your staff. Our trainers cater programs, so they are suitable for every member of your team from the regular gym attendee through the beginners.

Ben Rogers Consulting Icon Ben Rogers Consulting

Our founders personal consulting brand helping businsses from early startup to established global companies. SEO and SEM are his strength but these days spends a lot of time helping to build business cases for change and serving as a strategic intermediatory between a business and their marketing agencies.

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