No Marketing is Expensive

No Marketing is Expensive

01/04/2017 Digital Marketing 0

No business has the luxury of building a site and walking away never needing to return. The leisure of not needing to worry about page rank on Google or have no communication strategy in place. The only instance where this might be false is where a business has reached capacity, and the owner is not looking to expand or has another way to get new clients that don’t involve the digital world. Both of these circumstances are rare and in the later shrinking as more is done online. Websites and social channels take work like the relationships you have with your clients, suppliers, employees, etc.

Social networks have made some business owners feeling secure that they are capable of marketing their company to the level it deserves. Some owners are correct. They are correct in the sense that they could also paint their home, head down to Bunnings allocate time on the weekend, read a book on techniques, learn what they need to buy and eventually execute. Does this make you a painter? No. You are whatever you are. A painter would already own all the tools, have a staff of professionals, not need to do the job on the weekend and make your home look great.

The same applies to advertising and marketing. The consequences of not getting the job done right are far higher. The aim of most advertising/marketing is to inform and evoke customers about your company’s products or services. Businesses and consumers would be required to intentionally discover and search a company’s service without the aid of advertising.

Do you have time with your busy schedule to learn what you need to get the job done right?

Can you afford to roll the dice and just hope business finds you?

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