The importance of choosing the right digital agency for your company

The importance of choosing the right digital agency for your company

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Choosing a Digital Agency

Marketing managers or marketing departments in every company are aware that the digital world and its customers are changing rapidly. To be successful in the digital first age, you need to command more information and improve your business’s digital toolset. The easiest way to achieve this goal is by surrounding yourself with highly developed digital expertise, and the fastest way to get this on your team is by hiring a digital agency. With a Digital Agency, you get access to professionals who work on campaigns daily and experience on using tools like Brightedge, Ahrefs, Double Click and expert blog writers.

Investing in Success

Every business with a marketing budget thinks of hiring a digital agency at some point, for big corporations with their marketing department, it’s usually a tough decision to decide where the digital agency would fit in. You need to work out what work do you keep in-house and what will the agency be responsible for.  If you are currently experiencing the same situation with your company, let us offer a little advice. Don’t rush to replace your in-house team, instead use your agency as an overflow resource and fill in areas where you are lacking in skills.

Don’t rush to replace your in-house team, instead use your agency as an overflow resource and fill in areas where you are lacking in skills. If you have a digital manager who is great at SEO and AdWords but can’t get the results you want with Social Media then use an agency here.

The cost of an agency for a smaller business is harder to stomach. Smaller companies don’t tend to hire a digital agency because any reputable agency would cost them thousands of dollars which will always appear to be a massive additional expense, at first glance. If you are getting good quality SEO work done this will cost you upwards of AUD $1000 in management per month and any PPC marketing the same plus your advertising spend. Once the leads start coming in from online, that new SEO line item on your monthly accounts doesn’t seem so bad.

We are not going to discuss lowering costs in your marketing budget. Instead, we will look into what the tangible benefits a digital marketing strategy would bring to the table,  to give you an idea of how an investment can pay dividends.

We’ve listed down some important details to make this decision easier for you.

Data analysis:

Data driven marketing

For a majority of startups, the most important thing is to bring traffic and make sales. Well, that is the ultimate goal of every business owner. We usually miss out on some critical details that might prove to be beneficial for our company in the long run. Think about having an e-commerce website, and you study about how your customers react to certain products. If we are running a small business, this process might sound like too much work to do alone. A good digital agency would know how to do this in the most effective way.

Your data is the most valuable asset you have, with this you can learn how to make your products better and who your customers are. Digital Marketing platforms such as AdWords have reached the point where they can optimise for customers at a price per new sale. In digital, this is called CPA. Ensure you provide the agency with a realist CPA goal to reach online.

Creative thinking:

Breakthrough with creative thinking

We’re not saying that we can’t bring in creative ideas yourself, but it would be different from the ideas of digital agencies. They run a team of people focusing on developing ideas and crafting a winning digital marketing strategy, including PPC, SEM and other SEO work.  Two heads are better than one, and doubly so for well-qualified and experienced professionals. Chances are if you have a big idea this has already been thought of by someone else, an agency will be able to bring this idea learnings from other projects, shaving the cost of your learning curve.

With a digital agency you don’t lose Valuable time:

Pocket watch to symbolise saving time

When trying something for the first time, there’s always a risk of failure. However, a digital marketing agency is pretty much aware of everything that works and doesn’t work out of the gate. Obviously, you will end up saving a lot of time and money if you just skip past all the growing pains that many small businesses go through.

Final Thought

It very important to understand that you can’t do all this work by yourself. Hiring a team of professionals pretty much guarantees you the long-term success even if you had to spend more than you had planned.  Their first priority is to achieve the goals you set for them.  Your success is their success, because if you make gains then that means that you will continue to use their services.  It sounds like simple math, but you have to look past the initial sticker-shock if you want to break the glass ceiling.

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