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Ideas Change Things was formed to get ideas off the ground that contribute to a better future. You can divide what we do into two categories; support 3rd party ventures and operate a few of our own. Bare Ideas, DeskIt and Corporate PT2U.

If it’s for the benefit of society, we believe there is nothing wrong or unartistic in making money. We want to do the right thing by the world and will never get involved in a venture we would not be proud to tell our kids.

Via our brands, we specialise in startup consulting services including; writing business plans, end-to-end marketing solutions, introductions, procurement and raising capital. Our lean firm is connected with experience required to get a startup or small business on the path to reaching their goals.

Our crew understands that no two ideas or businesses are the same, so we will never apply one size fits all solutions. Our work is unique and tailored to the individual project needs. In our time operating we have helped several companies across a range of industries take their next steps.

Six things we look for in a venture

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  1. You belong to the industry your idea comes from and as a team bring developer skills (if it is digital).
  2. Everyone needs help. You need be at least an established partnership.
  3. There must be a market. Your business fixes a problem that affects a reasonable number of people.
  4. If you are trying to recreate the wheel, Ideas Change Things is not for you.
  5. We can be proud to tell our grandkids we were involved in your company.
  6. Our partners believe in you and your new venture.

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